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Joshua has saved hundreds of students & counting...

A graduate with a bachelor in accounting, Joshua has been saving the POA (Principles of Accounts) grades of students for 8 years now

Patient, understanding, & motivating, each student leaves every lesson finding the subject easier to handle

"Thank you POA Hero Joshua for making every lesson enjoyable and easy to understand! I began to enjoy POA and I’m so happy to have attended lessons here. Thank you for all the effort you put in for us (especially the POA bible which was so useful) and for helping me pull up my grades!"
- Chloe, St Margaret’s Secondary, POA A2, E math B3, O levels 2019

What I do

What I do


No matter how cool its being called

(Coaching, Mentoring, Guru-ing)

I provide tuition lessons for Principles of Accounts.

Oh, and I am based in Singapore, but that doesn't stop me from teaching online anywhere you might be in the world.

How Do I Do It?

Home Tuition

Tuition lessons given at the comfort of your home.

1-1 or

learn with your friends to enjoy more discounts

Online Tuition

Tuition lessons given at the comfort of your home too, but on your computer

1-1 or

learn with your friends (can be in your own homes) to enjoy more discounts

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Rates for Home & Online Learning


1 Student: $55/Hr

2 Students: $45/Hr

3 Students: $35/Hr


1 Student: $40/Hr

2 Students: $30/Hr

3 Students: $20/Hr


How will you benefit?


An All-You-Need-To-Know guide, featuring summaries of every topic and the important tips for Principles of Accounts


Extended Mentorship

Your Questions are always entertained by POA Hero!

(As long as I have reception)


You will enjoy the subject

You understand more, leaving classes feeling motivated. There's hope, guys

Like...What is accounting?